The He Says, Zee Says Mailbag, Volume 1

Welcome to the first ever official He Says, Zee Says mailbag, where silliness, political incorrectness, and Cary Grant’s body hair reign supreme! You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

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Even Derek Ramsay Needs Photoshop

Derek Ramsay is probably the only local celebrity who’s made more money off of his body than Marc Nelson. And also quite possibly the only one who’s spent more on full-body shaving too. And yet, it’s easy to get blinded by perfection, which, is exactly what happened with Swatch Philippines.

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Men won’t admit it, but the art of styling one’s hair is therapeutic. It’s a space of zen where masculinity and grace come together in a sensual mesh. MDJ wishes he could do it, but he hasn’t got hair on his head. With one gloriously lush exception, of course. And as usual, he goes too far.

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