First Date After Five Years

Zee: I woke up last Saturday and just blurted out “Let’s pretend we’re having our first date today!” Our first date has always been a point of contention as we started out as Twitter friends and eventually friends IRL and everything just magically fell into place (Okay, fine. It wasn’t like magic. MDJ struggled hard. […]

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Couple Fights: An Emotional Workout

Couples fight; that’s the inevitable result when two people emotionally invest so entirely in each other. Our fights tend to be very intense. But we keep coming back to each other, and that’s what matters. Here are Zee’s thoughts on how couples fight, and more importantly, how couples heal.

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Wrestling Woes

Being in a relationship means loving and accepting everything about an individual – every nuance, habit, and tic. Falling in love with MDJ means putting up with his one passion – pro wrestling. Join Zee as she tries to get into the psychology of this perversion.

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