If It’s Not In Google Calendar, It’s Not Official

Relationships are hard enough to manage on their own, which is why we believe in having coping mechanisms for the times that we can’t be together. Thanks to technology, and the way it helps in our Four C’s of Relationship Management, it’s so much easier to keep the happiness going.

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Mamou Means Family

Mamou calls itself a “home kitchen,” manned by people who just love to eat. For our crazy, nutty little family – our little Sith Puppy poodle Vader included – Mamou means happiness, Mamou means good times, Mamou means family.

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Ask Us Anything!

We want to hear from you! Ask us about absolutely anything. Our future plans? MDJ’s favorite breakfast treat? Zee’s paintings? Our thoughts on the RH Bill? Why MDJ insists on wearing clothing two sizes too small? Zee’s favorite fat jokes? It’s all fair game. Leave us a comment.

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A Filthy Boy In A Girly World

Zee used to have a very female household – her, her little girl, and one perky yaya. They never thought a man would be part of their life, but it seems God had different plans. With MDJ entering the picture, this former No Man’s Land of glitter and fluff seems to be on its way to a big change.

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