Birthday Lovin’

Happy birthday to MDJ, the man whose age finally matches his waistline. (And no, it isn’t “38.”)

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All Circuits Are Busy At The Moment

Been toxic for both of us. Being at new jobs does that. We miss writing and interacting with everyone, especially answering silly questions in the He Says, Zee Says Mailbag. In the meantime, we leave you with silly pictures of MDJ that Zee usually sends him to make him smile.

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One Month, Three Sentences

MDJ and Zee attempt to do something they’ve never done before – a new segment called Three Sentences, where they can only comment on a certain topic through three short sentences. For wordy, verbose geeks like them, that’s a fair bit of a challenge!

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Ask Us Anything!

We want to hear from you! Ask us about absolutely anything. Our future plans? MDJ’s favorite breakfast treat? Zee’s paintings? Our thoughts on the RH Bill? Why MDJ insists on wearing clothing two sizes too small? Zee’s favorite fat jokes? It’s all fair game. Leave us a comment.

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A Filthy Boy In A Girly World

Zee used to have a very female household – her, her little girl, and one perky yaya. They never thought a man would be part of their life, but it seems God had different plans. With MDJ entering the picture, this former No Man’s Land of glitter and fluff seems to be on its way to a big change.

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