Samsung Ambassador for Creativity and MacGyver

Zee Says: This week, I got a call from an agency to hie off to the Samsung building at Fort Bonifacio as they were to award and brief the new Samsung Ambassadors. You see, I joined this Samsung Ambassador Contest because I was craving for the Galaxy Note 10.1 like a pregnant woman. We wrote about it awhile back, here. . The ambassadors were selected based on submitted videos and judged based on several criteria – messaging, conviction, votes, technicals, etc. Basically, when I saw the “votes” I knew it was going to be difficult because kids nowadays madly vote, like and subscribe, and even have fan pages on Facebook and I am not a kid. Thank God, it was just 20% of the weighted criteria and I basically just made sure I had a good video and edited it the best I could. So, I’m officially the Samsung Ambassador for Creativity!

MDJ: Personally, I also think you should be the Samsung Ambassador for Hotness, but I’m biased.

Zee: So I left for Samsung, where the 2 other ambassadors, Nico, who won in the multi-tasking category, and Gab, who won the avid learner category, were headed too. They are very nice and it’s a hoot being with them. We were congratulated and when they awarded our Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1’s, I thought I was going to have an epileptic seizure. I wanted to jump up and down in joy like I won the lotto but Nico and Gab call me “ate” so I had to stop myself from doing so.


It’s so pretty… all white and shiny with a stylus. I turned it on and the Samsung melody just wafted through the conference room. I basically had an idiotic smile on my face the entire time. They briefed us quickly on our roles as “ambassadors” and in came a trainor to teach us the Galaxy Note Premium Suite features. There’s so much I can do with this thing and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. It’s like MacGyver with a white casing.


MDJ: Seriously, anybody who has ever scoffed at tablets for being purely “content consumption” tools rather than for “content creation” has to rethink that once they get their hands on a Note 10.1. It’s the single most powerful mobile creative device we’ve ever seen!

Zee: The first thing I did when I got my new toy? Write MDJ a letter of course! I love how the stylus felt in my hands. I miss the look of my squiggly, round handwriting.


MDJ is also a wonderful artist and collaborating with him is always fun. He draws, I render. Drawing on the Galaxy Note 10.1 is just like using a drawing tablet. The stylus has a rubber tip and it feels just like drawing and painting on paper (minus the mess).


I also drew my co-ambassadors because they are so much fun to be with and I look forward to working with them in the next few months. Both of them are such energetic and talented teens who unfortunately don’t know who MacGyver is.


It has been an exciting week and I can’t wait to do more with my Galaxy Note 10.1. Shoot and edit a video perhaps? Or an animation of MDJ and Zee’s life? If you have a creative challenge you want me to try out with my new toy, I’ll give it a whirl. Selected challenges will have a digital portrait from me, of course!

You can leave us a message here or email us at for your challenge!

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