The Next Galaxy Note 10.1 Ambassador Is…

Not too long ago, we were raving about the awesomeness of Samsung Mobile’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 – a 10.1″ tablet loaded with the S Pen capabilities of the now-legendary Galaxy Note series.

Note 10.1

(We also had to control ourselves from raving too much about the awesomeness of official global Note 10.1 ambassador James Franco. He’s very distracting.)

James Franco
James Franco’s soaking wet nipples say hello.

And so, when the official Samsung Mobile Philippines Facebook account announced that they would be holding an Ambassador Search for the Note 10.1, we just knew we had to try and win the darn thing!

Zee signed up under the “Creative” category, mainly because we all know how awesome the artwork she already creates on her equally-kickass Galaxy Note 2 is.

Bea Art
Zee’s portrait of her little girl, done on a Galaxy Note 2.

My new way of  being creative is art on the go,” she said in her entry video. “Capturing life as it happens!

It has been almost two weeks since the contest ended, and we’d almost given up hopes of winning.

C’est la vie,” we sighed to ourselves, pretending we could speak French. “Omelette du fromage! Voulez vous couchez avec moi, c’est soir!”

But then guess what happy little announcement came out today?



Thank you for selecting our very own lovely, talented Zarah Hernaez as your Galaxy Note 10.1 Ambassador for Creativity, Samsung Mobile Philippines! And a warm, wonderful He Says, Zee Says congratulations to Nico Angelo Regulto (Ambassador for Multi-Tasking) and Gabriel Lorenzo Santos (Ambassador for Avid Learning) for winning too! And thank you to our beautiful, smart, sexy friends and family who voted for Zee and helped make this happen!

We can’t wait to get our hands on our very own brand new Galaxy Note 10.1, and see how much fun we have turning the whole world into a studio for her wonderful art. Does James Franco come with the package too?

What do you think should be the first thing Zee draws with her sexy new toy?

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