Birthday Lovin’

Zee Says: Happy birthday to the man who changed my life.

Silly as it may seem but I love how he was designed for me. His tummy is all convex while mine is concave and we fit together like a puzzle.


I never thought I would find someone who could entertain me as much as I entertained myself.


He tolerates my silliness like no one else can. Though his standard line is “Please, don’t embarass me.”


Though he turned 32 and his age beyond the dates on a calendar,we can always base the rest of the years on our waist lines.


Happy birthday to my comic book superstar and the sexiest beast I have ever laid my eyes on.


We will argue, bicker and will always have different opinions till we’re old and gray just like on this blog, but that’s why I look forward to the rest of our lives.

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