One Month, Three Sentences

Zee Says: It’s been a terrible month for both of us. You could say it was a lot like being part of Spain’s Running of the Bulls or the Encierro. In the beginning, you wave your arms smiling and end up running for your life as pointy horns start poking your butt. So we were kind of frantically running as fast as our skinny jeans could let us the past month.


I’m glad that our August – September rut is over, and we can proceed to fun and games!

Since we’re still trying to get our groove back, still have one giant bull behind us, and want to catch up with the current events we have missed, we will be doing a new segment called Three Sentences. We can only comment on a certain topic through three short sentences.

Zee: This is a challenge for us since we have the tendency to ramble on and on.. and on. But hey, we want to make up for the lost time. So bring it on!

MDJ: Asking me to keep my opinion to just three sentences is like putting me into a pair of skinny jeans; it can be done, but it won’t be pretty. Because you know what they say: Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits.

And with that, the games!


Senator Tito Sotto

“Bakit? Nagtatagalog ba si Kennedy?”

Zee : I think he thinks it’s Iskul Bukol at Senate every time he speaks. Brilliant because that’s the language most of the voting population understands. *face palm *

MDJ: Never trust a man with facial hair. It’s a tool used to hide deceit and vile schemes. He’s smarter than people give him credit for – he played us all perfectly, and he knows it.


Cybercrime Act

Zee: They lacked research and involvement from someone who has knowledge on social media behavior and Generation Now. They should just focus on the FOI Bill instead of shutting down any blog they want and tag a personal opinion as libel. See you in jail, MDJ!

MDJ: As netizens, as much as we may disagree with the letter of the law, we need to appreciate the spirit of things. How many of the so-called “free thinkers” out there are really willing to step up and take accountability and responsibility for everything they spout onto the Internet? Not everyone is as brave as their words make them sound.


Gangnam Style

MDJ: The awesomeness of the elevator scene will haunt me in my dreams. Not many people know that PSY went to Berklee School of Music. The man is a genius, today’s version of Beethoven, and this is his Symphony No. 9.

Zee: PSY is awesome! Glitz, glamor, bootie and spectacular dance steps are the secret ingredients to MTV hits and LSS. Oppa Gangnam Style… op! op! op!


Rogue’s Bryanboy Expose

Will The Real bryanboy Please Stand Up

He’s filthy, slimy, conniving, and wily. But the balls and bravado he had to chase down his dream and make it to the top astound me! I will never like the dude, but will always admire his force of will.

Zee: I want a Part 2. The Tulfo Brothers should do the investigating and find out where the heck he gets all that money. I don’t think I would want to be friends with someone as questionable as him.


iPhone 5

It wasn’t Hoorah! It was Hooplah!

MDJ: Really? All that hype for a longer iPhone? Why fall for the hype when the real Next Big Thing is already here?

An iPhone can’t do drawings as good as my Samsung GALAXY Note. Ho-hum. Kthnksbye.


Colegio San Agustin Bully Father with a Gun Incident

MDJ: Man, and I thought us Ateneans were arrogant! It took CSA long enough to ban Allan Bantiles from entering the campus again. And I’m told that as of today, there has still been no official communication by CSA to the parents of its students.

Zee: Classic example of how an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. CSS should do something concrete about this. I don’t think this will happen in Assumption,else you’ll have a bunch of little girls screaming “OMG! A gun! I die! OMG!”.


UAAP Cheerdance Competition

UP deserved it. They had a very technical performance. Next year, they all have a Brazilian and Boyzilian waxing for impact.

MDJ: I don’t know much about cheerdancing, but I do have one thing to say: We need more nipslips. Also, what was up with UE dyeing their hair blonde? Charice called, and she’s suing for image infringement!


And that does it for our September edition of One Month, Three Sentences. We’ll be coming back with a hyper-loaded edition of our world-famous He Says, Zee Says Mailbag soon, so watch out for it!

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