How Life Got Better For Aaron Castro

We love Aaron Castro. He’s a 14-year-old budding style blogger from Lipa City, Batangas, otherwise known as “Not Quite Paris” in the style community.

His blog, “Aaron Did Fashion,” shot to fame early this year, trending on Twitter and getting featured in various newspapers and TV shows.

But let’s be honest. For all his confidence, sass, and guts, the boy needs help. In a big way. Can anyone step up and make life better for Aaron Castro?


MDJ: Full disclosure: I am a massive Aaron Castro fan, and have been very public about my love.

What he lacks in polish and experience, he more than makes up for with originality, confidence, ambition, and a healthy dose of chutzpah.

If he ever decides to send me a pair of #TeamAaron bikini briefs, I will gladly wear them on my honeymoon.

Zee: I like Aaron. I’ve never been as into fashion as I’d like, as I really don’t follow trends; I see it, I like it, I wear it – that’s it.

But Aaron is endearing. It’s his sincere desire to be better at something he loves that attracts me to him. He doesn’t hesitate to just do what he wants, and acknowledges the need to grow and be better. Chutzpah will get him noticed but it’s his humility that will bring him a long way. Aaron has a dream and I really want him to achieve it. He’s just a boy standing in front of people, wanting them to like him.

As my late father used to say, “Walang umaasenso sa hiya.”

MDJ: But let’s face it. He isn’t exactly channeling Anna Wintour with his pictorials.

Vanity Fair was obviously not one of his life inspirations. Two words: HOLLOW BLOCKS.

Zee: Well… err… yes. The photos can be too much of a shot of reality, which for me basically refutes a typical fashion shot. Even the best street fashion photographers like The Sartorialist give their subjects an unreal, ethereal feel (Fine, Scott Schuman is one of the best fashion photographers and a hard act to follow). But Aaron’s shots are as real as seeing someone waiting for a bus on EDSA. Nothing wrong with that – they just don’t make for compelling fashion photography.

MDJ: I was so proud when Aaron shot out an open message to the Mother Becky, Divine Lee for some help getting his blog up to snuff:

Dear Ms. Divine

I am Aaron Castro, an aspiring blogger, and one of your fiercest follower. 🙂 I  have always love your blog, your mix-matching style, and especially your becky words, which is just so ah-mazing. I always wanted to have your magic, your magic of turning your every outfit into one sophisticated and ah-dorable outfit and your magic of making everyone who reads your post smile right after reading it. So I hope maybe we could meet someday, so that you could be able to share with me some of the things I needed to do, to become a better blogger. 🙂

Your one of my biggest inspiration in life 🙂

Fierce and Love,
Aaron C.

Isn’t that just precious?

And the Mother Becky stepped up in grand style!

With her current arm-candy Victor Basa, she took time out from her busy schedule to spend the day with Aaron and share some motherly advice on bringing more fierceness to his life.

That brought a tear to my eye. They did a great job.

Aaron Steps Up

Making Aaron’s life better is a lofty ambition, but the combined mentorship of the Mother Becky, Victor Basa’s abs, and a brand-new Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 to help in his blogging, photo-editing, and crafting vision boards are a great start.

The GALAXY Tab 2 in particular is going to be extremely useful in ramping up Aaron’s photo spreads. Judging from his past photos, even Instagram would be a gigantic step up.

And just like Divine and Victor made life better for Aaron with a GALAXY Tab 2, you can win one each for yourself and a friend through Samsung’s “Life Is Better With You” promo. Because nowadays, having a tablet is essential to making life better.

It’s ridiculously easy to join. Just click here.

“Life Gets Better With You” Promo Mechanics

Four pairs will be chosen based on how kick-ass their entries are.

The GALAXY Tab 2 isn’t a top-of-the-line powerhouse, but that wasn’t Samsung’s intent. Even last year’s GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus had a faster processor. This tablet is less for hardcore spec-heads, and more for the average Juan who’s after a casual device for Internet-browsing, email, simple word processing, some Twitter/Facebook/YouTube, occasional photo-editing on Instagram, enjoying e-books, or catching up with movies. You don’t need a P30,000 quad-core, HD-equipped beast just for that.

Samsung GALAXY Tab 2: Tasty in white.

That’s why Samsung was very practical with its specs – a 1GHz dual-core processor, expandable memory up to 32GB (which the much-hyped Google Nexus 7 annoyingly lacks), Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and twin front-and-back cameras, allowing a shockingly low P12,990 SRP for the basic model. Because tablets shouldn’t just be for gadget geeks – they should be for everyone.

The Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 made life better for Aaron Castro, and with this fun little promo, life can be better with you too.


Our first celebrity interaction.


Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 is available in 7.0″ WiFi-only for P12,990, 7.0″ 3G+WiFi for P16,990, and  10.1″ 3G+WiFi for P21,990.

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