The 14th International Snack Pack No-Hands Pudding-Eating Competition

Zee Says: My little girl doesn’t get to spend much time with her cousins but she adores them. They all sleep over at grandma’s house every time we fly home to Cebu, and we all have a laugh just eating lechon and barbecue, window-shopping, and exchanging gossip until the wee hours of the morning.

I’m happy they are a close bunch. Over one of our last trips, we had this brilliant idea of having a pudding-eating contest. It was just hilarious. Of course, MDJ was with us and slept at my mom’s house too. Yup. He’s family  already.

MDJ: I come from a family of nuts myself, so it’s a very powerful thing for me to say this – your family is absolutely nuts! It’s non-stop chaos, chatter, and food flying everywhere!

But I love them to bits, and was deeply honored to be invited as the guest referee for this little mishap we dubbed, “The 14th International Snack Pack No-Hands Pudding-Eating Competition.”

Zee: I love how my mother checked up on us for two seconds, then just peacefully went back to her business as if having pudding oozing out the nose of one of her grandkids was a normal occurrence. The funniest part was when the kid was all teary-eyed and nauseous, and gasped that she almost puked. Oh, wait, that was my daughter.

The joy of having kids around! It makes me so happy to be around them. It also makes me realize that we have the maturity of an 8-year-old. We really should have kids in the future. I think we need a little baby MDJ slobbering on pudding everyday.

MDJ: I think you just need a little more Snack Pack Pudding in your life.

Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding. But we suggest a more appropriate name for it – “Disaster In A Cup.”

Just so long as the manufacturers put a notice on it saying, “WARNING: If MDJ insists on holding yet another ‘NO-HANDS-ALLOWED’ eating competition involving our products, PLEASE IGNORE.”

MDJ: I’m really sorry about the mess. I just wanted them to love me.

Zee: Drama queen…

Got any food-related disasters to share? Drop us a comment below!

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