The Return Of McDonald’s Twister Fries

MDJ thinks that French fries are the greatest vegetable ever created.

Zee thinks that potatoes are the vilest organisms on the planet.

So take one guess as to which one of us was all giddily excited and peeing with glee over McDonald’s hot-off-the-press announcement that its legendary Twister Fries are back in town??

Damn right I’m going to prioritize those Twister Fries, whispered MDJ, as a single perfect tear rolled down his cheek, before Zee bopped him in the head with an extremely pointy Louboutin.

These bad boys will only be available for the next three weeks, according to the official McDonald’s Philippines Facebook page. Starting tomorrow, August 3, they will be accepting photos of people enjoying their own “Twister Fries Moment” during the newly-declared global Twister Hour of 1-2pm, as signed off by the ghost of Pope John Paul II himself.

World peace, a cure for AIDS, and Twister Fries – what more could a good-hearted Filipino soul ask for?

UPDATE: We were surprised to see how tiny an order of Twister Fries is now for P59 – it seems someone must have enrolled McDonald’s management in sensitivity classes for post-trauma low-carb survivors.


(Photo originally shared by Lipstick & Chopsticks.)

4 thoughts on “The Return Of McDonald’s Twister Fries

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