Perfect 10’s Come In Unmarked Packages

Zee Says: I love unmarked packages, don’t you? They fill me with excitement and fear at the same time. The paranoid feeling of fear is probably because I handled a bombing case at my previous job. And so, I got home today and saw this on my bed.


Let’s see what we shall see, sexies!

MDJ: I gotta be honest with you; unmarked packages freak me out. Surprises in general freak me out. What was going on in your head when you saw that little parcel?

Zee: Since we only have a cute, fuzzy, tiny poodle and not a bomb sniffing labrador, I did worry a bit, but was further reassured when I saw a very familiar logo.


Who wouldn’t know Vaseline? It’s a brand most people know. I think a lot of people have used their petroleum jelly since they were babies with diaper rashes. It’s so familiar that I wondered what new product could merit this happy, unmarked package that I secretly hoped was a surprise anniversary gift from you. *hint*

MDJ: (pretends not to hear)


Zee: Skin is one’s best accessory, and with our humidity and heat, we need all the protection we can get. It seems that Vaseline has a new Healthy White line that has gives you the skin protection your skin needs. We all have different needs, don’t we?


MDJ: I have crickets in my brain, but do go on.

Zee: Among the 3 bottles they sent, Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 is definitely a need, and not just a want for me. I am at that age wherein anti-aging is something I look for in every product. This has AHA, Vitamin B3, and everything else minus the kitchen sink. It’s an all-in-one solution which is wonderful because I seriously don’t have the time to pile on 10 different products that can give me these:

  1. Visible Skin Lightening
  2. Even-Tone Restoration
  3. UVA & UVB Protection
  4. Dark Spot Reduction
  5. Radiance Boost
  6. Skin Feels Firm & Tight
  7. Visibly Reduces Fine Lines
  8. Skin Renewal
  9. Intense Moisturization
  10. Deep Nourishment

Okay, that’s a lot, and I’m sure you will appreciate these benefits in the next few weeks because I’m sure you’ll want to use it with me. It’s the perfect skin solution for busy working moms like me and my friend, their brand ambassador, Daphne Oseña-Paez. How she handles her schedule and her three little girls, I don’t know.


MDJ: A friend told us that it’s one billion pogi points for a dude if his lady always looks fresh and pretty. I think you’ve always been absolutely gorgeous, but this stuff just makes you glow. It’s awesome enough for aspiring Derek Zoolander’s like me to use.

Zee: It seems unmarked packages aren’t that bad after all.


Thank you, Daphne & Vaseline!

Vaseline Healthy White Lotions are available in all leading supermarkets and personal care stores near you.

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