It’s Time To Change To SMART

MDJ Says: I’ve been a Globe subscriber for years. They’ve always offered wonderful handsets for the various postpaid plans I’ve gotten – a Sony Ericsson T610, an XDA II, Nokia’s N70, my very first iPhone – a 3GS, no less! – and, most recently, a gorgeous Samsung GALAXY S III.


But alas! The service! Oh, good heavens, THE SERVICE! There has GOT to be a better choice out there, and I am the man who will track it down.

Zee: Well, I’ve been Smart from the very beginning (pardon the really old pun) even before I worked there for 8 years. I was a mountaineer, and any network that has signal in a cave forty feet under in Sagada while I’m waist-deep in mud and bat dung has my vote and loyalty.

MDJ: Sometimes it feels like Globe is buried waist-deep in mud and guano, but do go on.


Zee: When I joined the company, let’s just say the loyalty turned into a lifetime commitment. People in Smart are dedicated to excellent service. When there’s a signal downtime, EVERYONE in the system, from the CEO down to the people packing SIM cards, knows it, works on it, and prays that everything will be okay in minutes – not in hours, and NEVER in days.

We know the service affects people, relationships (yeah… you and I fight over messages never received or delivered late), businesses, and most especially critical moments like disasters. Your phone service drives me nuts! The network war cannot compare to the wars couples have when a message is delayed! Yah hear me?!

MDJ: Hey, it drives ME nuts! No joke – I often compare signals with you on our GALAXY Notes, and you consistently score a step or two above me for data connection, which absolutely infuriates me.

Right at this moment, my Globe-powered Note shows an EDGE signal (as in, hello, 2004 speeds!) while on Smart, yours reflects an HSPA connection. The pain! The shame! The undownloaded underage Japanese porn!


It’s time to change, and I can’t wait to actually have consistent connection speeds that don’t remind me of WAP surfing from the early 2000s. That’s why I was absolutely overjoyed to see this new Ramon Bautista spot advertising Smart’s new “Time To Change” campaign.

I’m just unbelievably happy our own wedding proposal went a little bit smoother. The three best things you need to know:

1. Smart can give you the last 6 digits of your Globe number, if still available.

2. You get 25% off of your monthly service fee for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

3. It isn’t Globe.

Zee: *sigh* The old days when life was just about talking and texting.

Life has changed and I can’t live without my internet mobile services. I need my email, social media sites, and well, more often than not, most of my blog entries (like this), all done through my Smart signal. It allows me to multi-task like hell, do more, and I hate to use this but it’s so apt, “live more“. I do all that while you’re probably up in some coconut tree trying to find a signal like a caveman.

MDJ: Good luck finding a coconut tree that can actually support me. These curves pack some heavy-duty wallop, I’m not gonna lie. It’s time for me to switch, dammit. Maria Ozawa is waiting!

Zee: Ugh on the porn. It’s really time for you to change, and you, my dear, are getting Smarter as we write this. These are just five reasons you should switch:

1) Unparalleled network service even in the worst calamities
– During Typhoon Ondoy in 2009, I relied solely on my Smart phone during my search & rescue operations with Red Cross. Every other network was literally flooded out. In this day and age of calamities, this is vital.

2) Remarkable customer service
– If you see someone who has a constant look of mixed friendliness and panic, that’s probably a Smart customer care rep. They have strict Service Level Agreements to resolve customer concerns ASAP. Their Twitter account actually cares and gets back to you

3) Ease of postpaid applications
– You don’t even need to visit a business center. Just email a scanned valid ID and 2 billing statements and voila! You get a callback literally 15 minutes after. Talk about simple solutions to complex problems. They’ll even deliver your chosen handset to your billing address!

4) Amazing promos
– Like you said, shifting now would mean having a 25% off from your monthly service fee (MSF) for a year! If you get Plan 2000, you pay just PhP1,500 for the first 12 months under the 30-month lock-in, and we can add the rest to our wedding fund. PLUS their new Freedom Plan revolutionizes how postpaid should be.

5) Remarkable Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
– Smart has helped thousands through in-depth, sustainable, and vital CSR programs across the country. It’s a company by Filipinos and for the Filipino with world-class services. MVP… ’nuff said.

MDJ: I love how you sneakily snuck in a gentle reminder to save a little bit more for our wedding. I apologize once more for that impulsive Y-3 purchase. But they looked lonely, and my feet were more than willing to give them a home.

But really, I’m sold. I’m absolutely fed up with Globe, I’m tired of climbing coconut trees for decent signal, and it’s time to change!


He Says, Zee Says highly recommends you hop on over to the Smart website now for more details on how to make the switch.

28 thoughts on “It’s Time To Change To SMART

  1. This is funny! I was about to go to the nearest Smart Wireless Center when @SmartCARES tweeted this link. And I can’t wait to post a blog too after the big switch.

  2. No matter how many coconut trees will I climb!!!

    I have my post paid plan with Smart and as a loyal subscriber i was able to have my Smart locked hand set Samsung Galaxy Y that went with my plan as I renewed my contract with Smart. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Zamboanga City and upon arrival at the airport, I turned on my Samsung Hand Set to make a call back home to inform that I arrived safely to my destination.

    Unfortunately I could not use my hand set because accordingly the SIM card had crashed! I lost my connection using the Smart issued hand set. Good heaven I brought with me an open line hand set. I transferred the Smart SIM Card to this open line handset to make a call back home and it worked. I was using my open line handset while in Zamboanga City to have a continuous connection while away from home.

    During that week I had a chance to visit the Smart Center in the City to seek help regarding my dilemma . To my surprise I was informed that the Smart issued SIM Card and Samsung Galaxy Y handset has become incompatible! But when you put my Smart SIM Card to an open line handset it worked while when you put another Smart SIM on the Smart issued handset it also worked. The Smart SIM and the issued handset are working properly separately.

    The advise from the Smart Center was to get a new SIM card but I need to pay for that new SIM Card. For heave sake, why will I have to pay for a new SIM Card when it is still working on an open line hand set? How come that all of a sudden, the Smart SIM Card is incompatible with the Smart issued handset?

    When I arrived back home in Manila, I visited another Smart Center with the same advise. No matter how many coconut trees will I climb, I will never get the services unless I will replace a working Smart SIM and pay for a new Smart SIM! Is it time to change?

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that,Eugene. It does sound like it’s a unit or contact point problem and not a SIM problem. Maybe you want to try @smartcares one more time?:)

    2. I tried again to explain my case and finally the Smart Wireless Center at SM Manila waived the payment for my SIM replacement. I rest my case 🙂

    1. Not a cent ,ma’am. I think when you have good experiences and good products,we should talk about it.

    2. You can check Smart Wireless Center Zamboanga City and SM Manila for any concern about the matter for your appreciation Madam May … God Bless You!

  3. Not Smart again…. >_< Smart?! they always want to make customers pay because of the contract not by the poor service they are giving. Even though countless times you call those customer service or go to their wireless center it's still the same.

  4. How could I change to SMART in the first place where there is no signal in our place? Only GLOBE does…

  5. Cute ng entry na to 🙂 I have a Smart sim but I’m thinking of availing of that Freedom Plan. Will visit a wireless center this weekend 🙂

  6. Cute ng entry na to! 🙂 I actually have a Smart sim but I also want to avail of that Freedom Plan. I’ll visit a wireless center this weekend 🙂

  7. Looks like most of the guys agreeing on how good the SMART service and giving insanely good and positive feedback were SMART Telecom employees. Because my experience with SMART is nothing like what is mentioned by the blogger! It sucked big time!

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