Meet Vader, Our Pack Leader

Humans should never let dogs be their pack leader, as Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, puts it. And yet, when our toy poodle is THIS adorable, sometimes it just becomes hard to put our foot down.

We gave up trying to train our puppy, Vader a.k.a. @SithPuppy (seriously, he has his own Twitter account, which MDJ insists he had nothing to do with).

Who could resist this adorable little black ball of puff.. err.. this vicious Dark Lord of the Sith.


Well, how can he learn when our version of training him is:

“Vader, sit… CHOS!”
Bow & Wow have a poster that says, “Are you a pet owner, or a pet parent?”

Try as we may, looks like we’re doomed to life of subservient pet parenthood.

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