Tweethearts & Superstars (Our Story, As Told To Jessica Soho)

MDJ Says: It’s no secret that my Zee & I are more than a little bit nuts about each other. But here’s another, even lesser-known secret: We’re worlds apart in terms of our personalities. Incredibly so. In the real world, our paths would probably have never crossed. That is, unless Fully Booked ever decides to put up a franchise of NuVo within it’s premises, so she has someplace to swill down her Double Blacks while I pore over my Star Wars Expanded Universe novels.

So how did we meet? How did we get to really know each other? How did we fall in love? And, even more importantly, on a scale of 1 to1432058, how hot did Zee think I was? Here’s our story, as told to the wonderful folks at GMA7.

So a little after Valentine’s last year, my Zee and I got invited to be part of a tiny little segment on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, to which we immediately said yes.

Not being much of TV nuts, we assumed not a lot of people watched it. And so, we did it, with the assistant of the seatmate of the secretary of the producer telling the labandera of the driver of the illegitimate cousin twice removed of our manager telling us we’d be featured under the slant of “People who found love on Twitter.”

It’ll be a blast, we said. Nobody will see it anyway!

And so we said yes.

Turns out it’s consistently in the Top 10 of TV programs nationwide. Eep.

Jessica Soho: A true heavyweight of the Philippine talk TV industry.

So here’s a bootleg video of mine & Zee’s 1-min of fame on Jessica Soho.

Production notes:

  1. It is not true the camera adds 10-lbs. It adds 40. FYI, I have abs in real life. 9 of them. Channing Tatum wishes he were me.
  2. They cut a lot of our cute chroma shots, i.e. kilitian, subuan ng ice cream, habulan sa bukid, etc.
  3. The pillow in front of my tummy was strategic – I wanted to be seen as a sex symbol on TV. You know, like Coco Martin.
  4. Zee’s cheekbones are KILLER.

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