First Date After Five Years

Zee: I woke up last Saturday and just blurted out “Let’s pretend we’re having our first date today!” Our first date has always been a point of contention as we started out as Twitter friends and eventually friends IRL and everything just magically fell into place (Okay, fine. It wasn’t like magic. MDJ struggled hard. […]

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MDJ – Zee, The Married Life

We’ve been married for a year and a half. It has been quite a roller coaster ride because not only did we have to adjust to being husband and wife, we moved to a new abode. Let’s just say, it has not been easy. I don’t think it’s easy for all newly married couples. It’s […]

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MDJ’s Three Weeks As A Pro Wrestler

MDJ has been a lifelong wrestling fan, but does that mean he’s got what it takes to make it as a professional wrestler? He took a crack at it with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, and this is how it went.

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We’re Married!

It took us almost 100,000,000 seconds (97,718,400, to be exact), but since we first exchanged “I love you’s,” we finally exchanged “I do’s.” Some people want the fairy-tale wedding, but we’re just after the fairy-tale ending. To many more adventures, laughs, coffee dates, near-disasters, and moonlit frolics in the park! To infinity and beyond!   […]

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We’re Going To Be A Thing!

Thank you for shaping us to be who we are today. It’s just the beginning of more adventures! To infinity and beyond!.:) Advertisements

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The End Is Never Enough

Statement tees are so 2009, but we love the accidental poetry that comes up when we combine ours.

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